DSJCFNDE Bike Rearview 2021 model Mirror - Adjustable Co Handlebar End /blunge106210.html,www.albertacinerentals.com,$5,Co,Mirror,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Handlebar,Bike,End,Adjustable,Rearview,DSJCFNDE,Bike,- $5 DSJCFNDE Bike Rearview Mirror - Adjustable Handlebar End Bike Co Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation DSJCFNDE Bike Rearview 2021 model Mirror - Adjustable Co Handlebar End /blunge106210.html,www.albertacinerentals.com,$5,Co,Mirror,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Handlebar,Bike,End,Adjustable,Rearview,DSJCFNDE,Bike,- $5 DSJCFNDE Bike Rearview Mirror - Adjustable Handlebar End Bike Co Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation

DSJCFNDE Bike Rearview Limited time sale 2021 model Mirror - Adjustable Co Handlebar End

DSJCFNDE Bike Rearview Mirror - Adjustable Handlebar End Bike Co


DSJCFNDE Bike Rearview Mirror - Adjustable Handlebar End Bike Co

Product description

About our handlebar bike mirror

1. Clear convex mirror
The mirror adopts high definition glass lens design, which makes the field of vision wider and clearer
2.360 degree universal adjustment buckle
The reflector can be adjusted to a suitable position for easier use and more comfortable viewing Angle
3. Integrated forming, strengthening PC support
Higher hardness, not easy to break, durable
4. Size
Mirror diameter is 2.75in, suitable for inner hole diameter of 17.4mm-22mm. Compatible with most of the market mountain bike road car
5. Material
PA66 nylon plastic case + stainless steel screw nut + acrylic lens

How to install? - All you need is a hex wrench

1. Fix the expansion screw
2. Use a wrench to turn the screws (not too tight)
3. Insert the expansion screw into the handlebar hole
4. Turn the screw to make the expansion plug expand and tighten
5. After installation, adjust the rearview mirror to the appropriate position

About the bicycle bell we configured
1. Easy to use
Hand push design, gently push the hand to make sound; Hand has texture, can prevent slip
2. The sound quality
The bell face is made of aluminum alloy, with a crisp sound and a long tail 3. Base material
ABS engineering plastic base, strong and durable, not easy to be hard, not easy to break
4. Size
The bell face is 1.97in in diameter and the base is 2.36in high

Package content
1*bar end bicycle mirror +1* hexagon wrench +1* bicycle bell

Please gently tear off the protective film before using the rearview mirror to make sure you have a clear mirror

DSJCFNDE Bike Rearview Mirror - Adjustable Handlebar End Bike Co

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