Brandream Max 65% OFF White Quilt Set Queen Paisley Co Farmhouse Cotton Size White,Paisley,$0,/luxuriantness1599054.html,Set,Queen,Quilt,Brandream,Farmhouse,,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Co,Size,Cotton White,Paisley,$0,/luxuriantness1599054.html,Set,Queen,Quilt,Brandream,Farmhouse,,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Co,Size,Cotton $0 Brandream White Quilt Set Queen Size Cotton Farmhouse Paisley Co Home Kitchen Bedding Brandream Max 65% OFF White Quilt Set Queen Paisley Co Farmhouse Cotton Size $0 Brandream White Quilt Set Queen Size Cotton Farmhouse Paisley Co Home Kitchen Bedding

Brandream Max 65% OFF White Quilt Set Queen Paisley Co Same day shipping Farmhouse Cotton Size

Brandream White Quilt Set Queen Size Cotton Farmhouse Paisley Co


Brandream White Quilt Set Queen Size Cotton Farmhouse Paisley Co

Product Description

Please note:

Actual fabric colors may vary slightly from online colors due to variations in screen color settings.

This is a quilt/coverlet set for a Queen size bed, the effect on your Queen size bed will depends on the height of mattress.

The picture spread effect is just for reference, quilt set appears differently on individual bed.

If you like an oversized/bedspread lower look we would recommend you use it for a Queen/Full size bed rather than King:)

brandream quilt
brandream quilt

Queen size (3Pcs): 1 quilt/coverlet 90*96 inch(Oversized-big enough for Queen size bed and Full size bed with high mattress)

Key Features:

100% cotton to be breathable for all year round, soft and comfortable.

Exquisite paisley stitching. Perfect for country/farmhouse decor with an elegant and classic looking.

Prewashed and preshrunk, do not fade or shrink in cold wash. Remain new and fresh after several washes

The excellent quilt/bedspread for all your needs. Made with high quality cotton that gives it a lightweight and soft yet not short of warmth. Ideal for use during spring, summer, fall and winter with a blanket.

About 100% cotton material:

Cotton material is much softer than stiff polyester/fiber fabric and meanwhile breathable and durable.

For 100% cotton material we recommend you wash it with cold water only without any detergent and no long time soaking for the first time washing, a little salt added will keep its vibrant color to the best effect.

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Pillow Shams Pillow Shams Pillow Shams Pillow Shams
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Brandream White Quilt Set Queen Size Cotton Farmhouse Paisley Co

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